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How to Find the Right Pool Builder for You

According to Comfy Living, 17.12 percent of Americans who own a pool, spa, or bathtub are between the ages of 18 and 29. If you’re a young adult looking for hours of sun-soaked fun and relaxation, a pool is a great option. For the best pool, you’ll want to find the right pool builder. Selecting the right pool builder can be a daunting task, and the wrong selection can result in years of problems down the line. Here are the steps to take when selecting a pool builder.

Check The Credentials

The credentials are the first step you should take. Experience is always appreciated, but you need licensing and insurance in most states to operate, too. Always verify that the pool builder is properly trained and qualified for the job.

Inquire about the company’s credentials and the number of pools installed in recent years. Always ensure that you are familiar with the company’s owner and any subcontractors hired. Ascertain that all individuals involved in the pool installation are licensed and certified. If possible, pay a visit to the office, meet the staff, and, if one is available, take a showroom tour.

Check The Reviews

Consider contacting previous pool builder customers to learn about their experiences. Additionally, request testimonials and references from your pool builder’s customers. Take a look at a few of the pools they have constructed in their portfolio.

Check if They Have Insurance

In the event of injuries, accidents, or legal issues, your pool builder should be covered by liability insurance and workers’ compensation. Always verify the insurance status of your pool builder prior to having a pool installed.

Check Affiliations

Determine whether or not your pool builder is a member of any trade organization. Trade associations frequently provide a list of members who adhere to a code of business ethics and promote professional development.

Avoid Haste in Signing Contracts

Avoid signing the contract during your initial consultation with a pool builder. Confirm your specifications and the scope of your project. Be suspicious of pool builders who are eager to begin construction immediately. Even if it appears to be a prudent course of action, it can be dangerous!

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